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  1. After: Love And Light | Grief Support Candle
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Product Details: 1027-P-MK009258

When flowers cannot convey your sorrow, send a gift that helps aid a grieving loved one. Lighting a candle can create a healing space for those recently bereft by loss. Our gift were crafted by grievers who have been through devastating loss.

Each sympathy box is delivered with an 8 oz aromatherapy soy candle, tissues, reusable keepsake box filled with inspirational messages and thoughts. Appropriate to send for Loss of a father, loss of a mother, loss of a grandparent, loss of a sister, loss of a brother, loss of a cousin, loss of an aunt, loss of an uncle, loss of a friend, loss of a child, loss of a loved one, loss of a family member.

Benefits: Aromatherapy benefits, non-GMM soy wax, 100% pure essential oils of Lavender and Sage, 100% natural organic coconut oil, 100% pure cotton wick, low soot emission, synthetic free, vegan, burns for approximately 75 hours, made in the U.S.

This is the perfect gift when someone you love is grieving and you just don’t want to give them flowers that die. There’s something so soothing about lighting a candle, especially one with this lovely aroma. Lighting a candle for someone you lost is very healing, and a great way to remember the moments with them. Our signature candle is designed to help aid someone recently bereft by a loss.

  1. After: Love And Light | Grief Support Candle