1. International Gift Giving Traditions

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Gift Giving Traditions from Around the World

Holiday Do's

  • In Europe, Christmas and Mother's Day are very important holidays, just like in the United States.
  • Sending a Christmas gift to any European home is usually very much appreciated. Appropriate gifts include flowers, gourmet gift baskets, chocolates, savory gifts or cheese gift baskets.
  • If alcohol is included, make sure it is sent to a specific person and that it's an appropriate gift for that individual
  • Brands do matter – and quality above quantity.
  • Looks matter – and particularly for flowers and gift baskets Europeans expect a different style than Americans typically send, that's why it's so important to use 1-800-Flowers.com. We have local affiliates who know the local trends and styles.
  • In east European countries (Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovenia, etc.), the family is very important. So if you're sending flowers to Mom or a gourmet gift basket to Dad, why not send some cookies to the children or a cheese platter to the grandparents too?

Holiday Dont's

  • Don't send a gift basket or fresh flowers without considering your recipients' vacation plans. Confirm that they'll be home to get your gift before sending it.
  • Don't expect your gifts to be delivered on Christmas Eve – even if this is a weekday. Saturday delivery is also unlikely.
  • When you send a gift from the US or Canada, it may be held up in customs or your recipient may have to pay taxes on it. But when you have international gifts delivered by 1-800-Flowers.com, we use our local affiliates to fulfill your order, so it won't get caught in customs. Plus, all taxes and duties are covered in the online price.
  • When sending flowers, avoid chrysanthemums since they are traditionally used at funerals.
  • Also, if you decide to send flowers, ensure that the bouquet is in odd numbers, in accordance with European tradition.
  • The general rule for gift giving in European countries is that it is more about the thought than value – in fact do not give overly expensive gifts as this may cause the recipient embarrassment. 1-800-Flowers.com has gifts priced in the appropriate range.