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  1. Camp Hatchet

Camp Hatchet

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Camp Hatchet

Product Details

: 1027-P-MK010199

The only hatchet you’ll ever need. Made with a waxed hickory wood handle and a carbon steel head, use it for anything around the campsite or backyard. Wren balanced the hatchet so you don’t need a ton of power to get an effective swing — just let the head’s weight do the work.

Of course, you can use the butt of the head as a hammer in a pinch. Plus, the carbon steel’s easy to sharpen on your own, so you’ll be able to keep swinging this hatchet for years.

- Hickory helve with paraffin wax finish
- Carbon steel, Connecticut-style head with single bit pattern
- 400D poly sheath with matte metal snaps
- Care: Wipe clean after every use. For best results, sharpen before each use. Keep the handle oiled with linseed oil by applying coats with a brush or rag oiled until the wood no longer takes up oil. Store inside the sheath.

Gift Set Includes:
- Camp Hatchet, (L) 16"
- Sheath

The only hatchet you’ll ever need. Made with...