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  1. Trail Backwoods Gear Gift Set

Trail Backwoods Gear Gift Set

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Trail Backwoods Gear Gift Set

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: 1027-P-MK009878

Tame the outdoors with this Backwoods Gear Gift Set.

Gut Hook Knife
This beast of a blade is designed for hunting and skinning, with a full-tang construction and sturdy gut-hook tip. The curved edge provides optimal leverage for piercing through hide without puncturing anything underneath, while the razor-sharp gut hook is designed to cut through tissues and tendons in a straight, even line — essential if you’re prepping a pelt.

And if hunting’s not your thing, it’s still a useful tool to have in your kit. It’s great for gardening, fishing, general camp chores, and anything else you’d use a larger, outdoor knife for.

It’s made using 15n20 stainless steel, fastened to an African Tali wood handle using old-school brass pins for a tried-and-true sense of balance that just feels right in the hand.

- Blade (L) 4.75", Overall (L) 9.5"
- Full-tang blade with gut hook
- 15n20 steel blade
- Tali wood handle secured with brass pins

Field Box
To keep your outdoor goods safe and organized, toss ‘em in this field case from Sheffield. It’s sturdy enough to protect ammunition, hunting and fishing gear, electronics, tools and pretty much anything else, with a water-resistant compression lid and beefy construction. It was designed with security in mind, too: you can fix locks to it in three different spots if you need to be extra careful.

- (L) 11.5" x (H) 7.25" x (W) 5"
- Water-resistant
- Heavy-duty handle
- Three slots for combination or key locks
- Made in the USA

Surviving the Great Outdoors by Brendan Leonard
This softcover is stuffed with indispensable tips on surviving in any environment, bound in a rubberized, waterproof PVC material. From climbing to skiing, sledding, and sailing, this book’ll convince you that you don’t need to be a risk-seeking type to master the art of bushcraft.

And if you do find yourself in a man vs. nature situation, Leonard includes essential survival and medical skills from removing a tick to treating a snake bite — all organized and written in short takeaway entries with helpful line drawings.

- Waterproof PVC cover

Pocket Saw with Nylon Straps
This little guy may not look like much, but if you’ve ever used one, you know pocket saws can keep up with even the higher-end camp saws when it comes to slicing through boughs. It’s made of 304 stainless steel with comfortable nylon straps, with a 105 lb breaking point. It’s useful for anything from sawing through branches to butchering game and tearing through thick materials like canvas, PVC, leather, and even metal.
And it’s really, really small — so you have no reason not to add it to your load when you’re prepping your pack.

-(L) 36.6" with handles
- 304 stainless steel with nylon handle straps
- 105 lb breaking point

Tame the outdoors with this Backwoods Gear Gift...